What are those birds WEARING?!

One of the most common questions we are asked is what our birds are wearing.  We both use bird flight suits, otherwise known as bird diapers. 

Flight suits come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit the needs of any bird and bird owner.  All of our birds adjusted quickly and easily to flight suits.  Flight suits do not constrict the wings or legs, and keep the poop away from your shoulder and your birdie as well.  We love flight suits because we can keep our birds out for long periods of time without worrying about being pooped on, furniture being pooped on, or unexpected messes.  Flight suits also double as a bird harness and can have leashes attached to them to keep you bird safe. 

Although there are many sites that carry flight suits or flight suit knock offs, we choose to buy from the origional designers of the flight suits. This is the site that we buy all of our flight suits from: http://www.birddiaper.com/.

We have met a variety of people with different opinions on flight suits, but so far nothing has managed to sway our opinion on them.  

Besides!  They’re so darn cute! 


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