One of the Reasons I Love My Life

Me Hand Feeding a Baby Chinchilla

Everyone has days that make them want to crawl down a hole and hibernate like a turtle, and today I had one of those days.  I was peed on twice at work, had to endure four hours of listening to an unhappy person complain about their life, and more than one of the dogs that I had to restrain today smelled really bad, which meant I smelled like stinky old dog the whole day.  I came home tired, smelly, and with a headache.  

When I was little and used to tell my parents that I loved animals and wanted to work with them someday, they totally discouraged me.  ‘”If you make something your work, you will end up hating it,” they used to tell me.  “Pick something that your good at that you won’t mind doing and leave animals your hobby.”  I couldn’t imagine a life without loving animals, so up until just a few years ago I took their advice and searched fruitlessly for another option that I would wouldn’t mind doing that didn’t involve animals.  Truth be told, everything else in the world requires a lot of nice-y nice-y people skills and butt kissing and I couldn’t even dream of doing that for the rest of my life.

Maybe some days, like today, I don’t entirely enjoy my choice in career path.  And let’s face it, when you clean cages to earn your money, it makes it pretty difficult to want to come home and clean more cages.  But there are so many other days that I enjoy what I do that it makes it impossible to regret my decision.  Like this adorable chinchilla!  So what that I’m dressed in a grossly over-sized shirt with no make up on or my hair straightened?  He doesn’t care!  He just cares that I feed him at 2pm and 7pm and squeaks and peeps happily at me while I cuddle him.  Or the fact that as soon as my key is in the doorknob, all my birds go nuts to greet me when I walk through.  

I really feel blessed that everyday I see that I am making a difference, maybe not to so many people (although I feel like I do) but most defiantly in the lives of animals.  And they appreciate it so much more than the people.