Next Semesters Classes!

I’m really excited for my coursework next semester!  

I have Organic Chemistry 2 plus a lab, which I could do without, but don’t bother me.  After General Chemistry, I will take anything else happily!

I also am taking Genetics, which is really exciting.  I love trying to figure out why things look the way they do, and how traits are passed on and what not.  For a really cool little test on what color your future children may have, try this neat link.  Lance and I a 50% chance of having blue eyed children and a 50% chance of having green eyed children.

I am also taking Bio Seminar, which is just a lecture that happens once a week on different topics by different speakers from places other than Duquesne.

I’m finishing up my last university core, Faith and Reason, which my roommate is in now and said is a discussion based class on religions and cultures.

I’m still doing research on the Tiger Ranch cats with Dr. Morrow.

And, the one I’m most excited about, I’m taking Animal Behavior!!! I’ve been wanting to take Animal Behavior since I came to Duquesne, so I’m really pumped.

Oh, and biostats 2.  But I’m not so excited about that lol.