Higgins Worldly Cuisine Review

The last time we went out to a bird fair I picked up some of the Higgins Worldly Cuisine packets to try with my guys.  I’m always busy, so sometimes finding time to get all the ingredients together and make my own mixture is tough.  I usually just give them some of whatever we are making for dinner, but the Worldly Cuisines looked pretty tasty and I needed something else bird related to spend my money on.  

I bought the Moroccan Cafe Blend, which had a lot of rice in it, and my picky cockatiels usually like rice.  The back label said to cook the food on the stove top, but I’m really lazy and made it in the microwave by covering it and microwaving it for five minutes and stirring it every minute and a half.  

When I took it out, it smelled divine.  I know birds aren’t suppose to be able to smell, but Bella was on my shoulder and started getting excited and edging towards the microwave before she even saw the bowl.  Maybe she just knows by now her lazy mother takes all of her treats out of the microwave lol.  
As weird as it is, I always taste their food before I give them it, because in my opinion, if I’m going to give something to my parrots it has to be suitable for human consumption.  It was pretty tasty, even for a human!  It tasted kind of like plain rice with some apple and something sweet like brown sugar in it.  Anyways, it passed my taste test, so I mixed in a packet of ornabac because no one likes eating probiotics with their pellets and some of the Higgins Snack Attack Leafy Greens and Herbs to give it some extra flavor and dished it all out to everyone.  They all seemed to like it!

Bella, trying some of her Moroccan Blend!


Make Your Own Bird Toys, Issue 1!

As a quick update, Taylor still has a swollen crop, but is looking happy and healthy (other than the large bulge on his chest) in his hospital box.  He has eaten the entire sprig of millet I gave him last night, as well as part of his seed and pellet mixture.  I also caught him drinking this morning, so he is eating, drinking, and pooping, all essential to life!  Tay also has an appointment down at Northview tomorrow at 11:40.  So, hopefully we will find out what is wrong with him and remedy it!

I also found a vet to shadow over the summer on my days off from Petscapes!  I called Dr. Hope today from Hope Veterinary Hospital and he said I was welcome to come anytime, for surgeries on Tuesday and Friday mornings, to office hours throughout the week. I am so pumped!  So, I’m sure I’ll have many good things to write about!

However, today I decided to do a fun installation about making your own bird toys.  Bella enjoys shredding things up, and therefore goes through toys like water.  Because the average bird toy runs around $5-$10 depending on how complex and big it is, I have decided to start making a lot of my own.  So, I am going to share some of my secrets with you.  Shh. 

I don’t really name these things.  This particular toy is a basic paper shredding toy.  It’s ideal for budgies up to conures or amazons.  I wouldn’t want to make this toy for a macaw, because they would probably look at it and it would fall apart.  So, this is recommended for smaller shredders.


  1. Two or more pieces of colored paper, your choice
  2. Yarn or another type of string
  3. Scissors
  4. a bird to keep you company.  Little Erin is our model today, because she’s just so darn cute.

Step One

cut the pieces of colored paper into strips width wise.  Depending on your birds size, you may need to cut these pieces wider or thinner than mine.  I made a matching toy for Erin and her strips were much thinner.

Step Two

Bend the strips back and forth to make an accordion style piece of paper. Bend each strip separately.  Its faster to bend them all together, but then they all spoon each other and it doesn’t make as fun of a toy.

Step Three

Continue bending until you have enough strips bent to make a decent size wad of paper.

Step Four

place all the strips together at the center and tie with yarn around.  Wrap a few times to make a tougher toy and make sure there are no loops that can easily catch a bird leg.  Leave a tail of yarn for tying into the cage.  Erin decided she wanted this one.

Step Five

Tie new toy into bird-cage.  Here is an angry Bella with her new toy.  She wasn’t happy I let it invade her space.  I kinda like pissing her off though because she looks so dinosaur like when she puts that little ruff of feathers up on the back of her neck!


Long Time, No Write

Ewww. . . Its been a long time since I’ve wrote.  I hate when I get off track and stop writing for a long time.  But in reality, my time is super precious and I haven’t had very much of it.  I’m going to try harder, blog, but I can’t be promising anything.

A lot of great stuff has happened.  First, and probably most importantly, I have started a club!  Its an Animal Welfare Club, and we do great things like visit animal shelters, zoos, aviaries, and host fundraisers benifiting animal rescues.  Starting this club has been an emotional and stressful process.  I have never really taken the inititive to do something like this before.  However, it seemed like a good thing to do.  Duquesne has nothing regarding animals, I miss my pets so I’m sure a butt load of other people miss theirs, and it seemed like it would be a great thing to put on a resume to a vet school.  “Founder and President for 4 years of the DU Animal Welfare Club”.  Yep, it has a great ring to it 🙂 

If I have been busy, Lance has only been busier.  I explained before how the smarty bit off more than he could chew his senior year at school, but hes doing well all the same.  Hopefully, he’ll be back on board pretty soon too. 

Our birds are all doing well.  I went home a few weekends ago and made a startling discovery.  My birds are not being handled enough!  They are turning feral!  Everyone was biting and nipping and running!  They still loved to have their heads pet, and pushed their little heads against your hand to pet them, but they are not getting out enough.  I believe next time I go home, I need to buy everyone a bunch of new toys so they don’t start getting worse.  I’d just think, that with 5 people in that house, one of them could take the inititive to take the birds out pretty often. 

I’ve decided that Erin will be attending college with me next year.  I am going to try to become an RA, and if I cannot become an RA, I have a friend who has two parakeets of her own whom she misses dearly.  Erin is so quiet, no one would ever know she was there.  And she would probably love being down here, where she can be out for the majority of the day. 

I’m already so looking forward to the day when Lance and I can get a pet friendly apartment or rent a small house that allows animals.  I cant wait to have my birds back with me. 

And I really can’t wait to grow up and move out to wyoming, and have our farm!