Lance is my longtime boyfriend, my best friend, and the other parent to our feathered, furred, and scaled children.  When we first formed this blog together, we had intentions on writing it consistently together.  As time went on, he had a hard time writing and I took the blog by storm.  If you go back in our history, you’ll be sure to see some of his writings in blue but  as of current your more likely to hear about Lance through me.

Lance is an 18-year-old biology and environmental science major at Duquesne University.  While I am into saving the abused, neglected, and abandoned animals, Lance focus’s on saving our precious environment and the beautiful animals that we share our earth with.  It’s really a tall order to fill; people are reluctant to give up what is comfortable and easy for them for something that is better for everyone, but Lance faces these challenges head on.  He is naturally charismatic and passionate about his future career and is an amazing debater.

Lance’s program in school is a 4 + 1 program, which means that for his freshman and sophomore years he is an undergraduate and from junior year and on he will be a graduate student.  He will be taking environmental classes in China some summer during his graduate coarse and he gets to end his five years with an internship.  Its an intense coarse, but he will come out of five years with a bachelors degree in biology and a masters in environmental science.

Lance has known for a long time that he wanted to work with animals.  He has always loved science and as a child asked for animal encyclopedia’s for Christmas and his birthday.  Unfortunately, Lance’s contact with animals as a child was very limited, although he proudly tells me that he was one of the only child who would wrestle his poor little green anoles into being handled and his cherry barbs lived forever.

For his 17th birthday, I bought him his first real pet.  Jules is a beautiful yet headstrong white faced cockatiel who can be just as stubborn as Lance.  For a while, Lance and Jules did not see eye to eye; Lance was too timid and inconsistent with his training methods and Jules was standoffish and didn’t want to cuddle or be sweet.  However, it  really helped Lance grow as an animal handler and his training has become much more consistent and effective.  Lance and Jules now get along just fine and Jules is as well mannered and affectionate as any of the other birds.

While a senior in high school, Lance participated in two different apprenticeships, one at the National Aviary and one at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  These unique experiences really cemented his desire to work with animals and helped him narrow his career scope down to being a conservation biologist.   

While attending Duquesne, Lance has become involved with the school’s Evergreen environmental club.  He is the vice president of the Animal Welfare Club and he has been approached about becoming the undergraduate president of the Net Impact charter for Duquesne.  He has also been encouraged to seek a job with Clean Water Action, an organization dedicated to saving our water and our environment. Lance impresses his professors and classmates alike with his knowledge on animals and the environment.  He currently is a freshman at Duquesne and works for the campus catering service as a dishwasher.


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