My name is Hannah and anytime you see a blog or writing in this purplish pink color, you know its me writing. I am the primary author for this blog, although sometimes my boyfriend Lance will come and post as well.  I am a 21-year-old biology student at Duquesne University and I am striving to become an exotic and avian veterinarian.  

I got my first bird when I was 8 years old, a little blue parakeet named Buddy.  Ever since then, I have been hooked.  I didn’t find my true passion however, until I met Erin, a handicapped pearl cockatiel with a deformed beak, deformed wing, and severely deformed feet.  I began rescuing handicapped birds, and when I met Lance and he informed me that he wanted to work with raptors and get his falconers licence someday, it was a match made in heaven.  

I originally wanted to go to school to be a physical therapist.  I always knew that I loved animals and wanted them to be a part of my life, but everyone told me that animals made no money, and the 8 years of intense schooling to become a vet was a scary idea.  I attended community college for a year and while I was there taking a writing class, my professor gave us the assignment of writing about a current event.  I immediately wanted to write about the exotic parrot trafficking that was happening in the Amazon and got really excited about my paper.  He immediately crushed my hope and said that we had to write about something related to our future careers and told me to write about the health care system.  I knew something was wrong.

 When I got to Duquesne, I switched my major to pre-vet biology.  I hooked up with Dr. Becky Morrow, a veterinarian that also teaches at Duquesne, who opened many doors for me into the veterinary world.  I began observing surgeries, helping at Trap, Neuter, Release events, and becoming involved in rescue work through her organization, Frankie’s Friends.  Dr. Morrow is the adviser for the on campus club I started, the Animal Welfare Club (AWC).  I also do undergraduate research under her, researching some of the diseases and disease mutations that came out of the Tiger Ranch abuse case.  I learned quickly that this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.  

So, that’s where I’m at.  I’m a sophomore at Duquesne University, I work as a vet tech for Luv My Pet Vaccination Clinic and as a lab assistant in the biology labs, I am a member of way to many organizations to list, I am the president of the AWC, and I have four beautiful rescue birds, a wonderful boyfriend, a lizard, and a betta fish.  

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