I’m Still Alive, I’m Just Living Too Much

I feel like I have abandoned my poor blog and it makes me really sad.  Although there is no real good excuse for two or three empty months that are without one post, unfortunately at this point in my life I’m usually either too exhausted or too busy to actually sit down, clear my head, and write.  

See, my last post was right before spring break.  I camp back from spring break and had a week filled with tests.  Shortly after that the pressure of upcoming finals was upon me, and then I struggled through finals week to make it to summer break.  Honestly, this has been one of the most challenging and difficult semesters of my life.  I have never felt closer to a heart attack than I had this semester.  My course load was heavy, the material was extremely difficult for me, and some of my professors were sub-par yet demanding.  I didn’t enjoy it one bit.  I spent the majority of this year broke, exhausted, and stressed to the point of constant tears.  I didn’t get to do anything I enjoyed, such as salsa dancing or blogging, and instead spent all my free time working or studying.  The one positive was that Lance was down on campus to help me hold it all together.  Without him, I would have been lost.

However, that’s all done and in the past.  It is summer break for me and although I am as swamped as ever with things to do, I feel much better about everything.  I’m home with my pets and ultimately, I prefer work to classwork because at least at the end of a work day, I know I am done.  At the end of a school day, I still have to study.

So, being the crazy person I am, I’m working two jobs and an internship this summer.  I got accepted into the Aviary’s intern in the avian hospital.  I went back to Petscapes.  I’m also continuing my job as a vet tech with Luv My Pet.  It’s exhausting, but ultimately its rewarding and I’m learning a ton.  

I’ve got a lot to write about.  I’ve got a lot to talk about.  And I’m planning on keeping up.  After all, its when I get most busy that I get the best things to talk about!  Plus, with all the great stuff I’m learning about the birds, I’ve gained a whole new perspective on bird care already and I can only imagine it will grow from here.

Bare with me bloggers!  We’re going on a wild ride!

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