The AWC Gets Some Kitty Love While Giving Back to the Animals

Last weekend, I took my Animal Welfare Club to Frankie’s Friends to help volunteer at a cat rescue!

For those of  you who do not know, Frankie’s Friends is a cat sanctuary and organization that focus’ on helping feral cats, cats from abuse cases, and stray cats.  It  has a mobile surgery unit for traveling places TNR events, and it also houses all of the survivors of the Tiger Ranch case.  So, for our service project this month we went to Frankie’s Friends for the day to cuddle cats and help repaint some of the darker rooms and give them a warmer and homier touch.

Frankie’s Friends is like kitty Disney World.  These cats have a huge, three story house to roam through, their own sun room, loft beds, their own live in vet tech, a safe outdoor cat porch and gazebo with little cat doors leading in and out, and all the toys, scratching posts, and kitty beds they could ever want.  Many of the cats have chronic health problems and will have to be monitored for veterinary care, so living at Frankie’s Friends with all their kitty friends is the best option for them.

These are probably the sweetest cats I’ve ever met.  I must admit, before I started working with Dr. Morrow, I wasn’t a huge cat person.  They were probably one of my least favorite animals to own as a pet.  However, now I really see what wonderful animals they can be!  The FF cats are amazing.  They’re at the door as soon as you walk in, and you are surrounded by a sea of cats.  They’re all purring and rubbing up against you, and some get saucy and try to bat their friends away so they get more petting.  They don’t mind being picked up and cuddled or toted around the house with you.  Trying to motivate my members to actually leave the cats alone and paint the walls was a little challenging, but once we got started they were all game for the work.  

It was amazing how quickly the rooms came together when we all started working together on them.  We painted one room a pale yellow, which totally transformed the room, and we painted the loft room lavender with white trim.  It was so cute!  

That cats did not appreciate being banished to the upstairs loft for the day, as we tried to cut down on the amount of cat hair we got on the walls and paw prints on the floor.  Orion, one of the older members of the sanctuary, sat downstairs to oversee our work, but everyone else wasn’t very happy. Being that they are color blind, I’m sure they didn’t see a point.  But the house looks a lot better now.  

I love rescue animals.  I love everything about rescues, but I think most of all I love knowing that I helped make a difference for an animal who couldn’t.  Let’s face it, animals don’t have voices.  We have to speak for them.  Without dedicated people in the world who take the time to speak for the animals, their lives would be nothing more than an existence that always ended in abuse or neglect.  One thing I see in my members, and I’m sure this sounds totally cheesy, is hope for animals.  There’s a slow shift in the relationship between humans and animals.  Eventually, we are going to look at ourselves as the protectors of the animals and the providers, instead of looking at them as though they are here to please us.  My AWC  members remind me on a daily basis that there is hope, and there are people out there who want to help, and who want to make a difference.  That’s why education about animals, animal abuse, and animal health is so important.  The government does not fund a free program to teach people about pets in high school. They’re not part of our curriculum.  We need active and dedicated people to spread the message and educate people about those who can’t educate them themselves.  Everyday, the animals make me sure that this is what I want to do with my life, and everyday, my AWC members remind me that there are people who care, just like me, who want to be a part of the movement.


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