I’ve Officially Become a Bro

I will say straight up that I am not a normal girl.  I laugh at immature things, I hate drama, I can’t stand having to try and figure someone out, and I really like being able to get away with wearing jeans, a t-shirt, my hair in a ponytail, and no make up.  That being said, I have issues making friends with other females at times.

I also have a long term boyfriend.  Although you can be friends with single girls, if you’ve ever been in a long relationship and had single friends, I’m sure you’ve experienced the difficulties associated with it.  Its like as soon as you get serious about a guy, your entire friendship circle begins to change.  You can’t talk about all the hot single boys you want to try and impress, you don’t care about going to a club and getting phone numbers, and you start getting really, really annoyed that all the single girls whine that they will never find someone and having to reassure them that they are not ugly.  So, if your anything like me, you throw up your hands in defeat and spend the majority of your free time with your boyfriend, because its just that much simpler than either dealing with the SGS (single girl syndrome) or trying to find new friends who have boyfriends, who might dump them next week and join the single ladies club anyways. 

So, lately I’ve been hanging out with Lance pretty much twenty four seven.  And while I’m hanging out with him, we often hang out with some of his guy friends.

Oh. My. Goodness.  Guys are the easiest people in the world to get along with.   They’re laid back, they’re game for everything, and they don’t whine about how unattractive they are to the opposite sex.  Guys just usually go with it.  And because I have Lance, I’m totally off limits to all of them, so it makes being friends with them that much easier.  I’m just like another bro.  

I started to get a little concerned about my boyish ways and I asked Lance if I acted too much like a guy.  After all, I enjoy playing video games, making immature jokes, and eating pizza.  I was relieved, however, that he thought instead I was the perfect mix.  I could chill with his guy friends, which makes his life a whole lot easier, yet I could still rock a dress and heels.  Phew.  


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