Basic Care and Behavior at PEAC

On Saturday, me and my friend Meg went to a PEAC lecture on pet parrot basic care and behavior.  I’ve been wanting to go to one of their lectures for a while now, but I was always just too lazy to go on my own.  It’s nice that I have a bird loving friend that takes it upon herself to motivate me to go to the things that I actually do want to do.

PEAC stands for Parrot Education and Adoption Center and Pittsburgh is lucky enough to be one of the cities that has this program!  They are more of an educational program, running solely off of volunteers dedicated to spreading awareness of proper care of parrots.  Something that is right up my ally!

The lecture was held at my favorite place, you guessed it, the National Aviary.  It was given by the manager of training and came complete with its own packet of notes and parrot friendly cook book!  It was very informative and I had a great time learning new ways to enhance my flocks life.  My favorite tip was the idea for making perches.  Apparently, all my money spent on concrete perches, wooden perches, natural wood, rope, and calcium has all been in vain.  They recommended going out into the woods and chopping off some bird safe branches and notching them for your cage!  I have thought of that in the past, but I always had some worry that I may poison my parrot by giving her fresh wood.  However, they assured me I could kill parasites by baking on a low temperature and they have been using this idea for quite some time and haven’t had any problems.  They also said that a life on dow rod type perches and concrete could really injure your birds feet.  After I thought about it, that’s kind of a ‘duh!’.  Birds are meant to be perching on tree branches, not slippery sleek wood.  That totally explains why Bella always sits on her natural wood or rope perches and just poops all over the dow rods.  I should have listened to that conure a long time ago!  Unfortunately, there were no suggestions for better perching for handicapped birds 😦  Sorry guys, the rest of you will have to make due with what I can create.

I, of course, became a member that day, so now I can say I am an official member of the Pittsburgh PEAC group.  Hehe, what a resume builder!  I am also a member of the hunting for fruit tree limbs club!



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