I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted about the AWC before, which is quite frankly a damn shame.  It’s about time I let the world know about my creation.  AWC is short for animal welfare club.  Duquesne University’s animal welfare club to be precise. 

Let me start this off by saying that Duquesne University is not a very animal oriented college.  In fact, although we may rank as one of the top universities in the country for volunteer service, as a student I have noticed that not many people are really concerned with anything important.  I love my college and I wouldn’t change my choice for the world, but Duquesne gains its massive amounts of service hours through requirements in majors like pharmacy and service learning classes.  AKA the students are required.  There are a fair number of people who genuinely are concerned with issues like fair trade, the environment, and human and animal rights, but there are also a large amount of the population who cares only about themselves, the latest fashion, and everything else that doesn’t matter. 

So, when I started here I realized there wasn’t anything animal oriented, except for the equestrian team, which required far too much money for me to afford.  I was frustrated, I didn’t have any friends, and I missed all my pets from home.  So, I did what any well intending college student would do and I started my own!

The Animal Welfare Club comes from rough beginnings.  It took us a whole semester to get approved by the SGA, we met on the couches outside of the union Nitespot and when we finally were approved, we had really no clue what to do.  Last year, we totalled 8 members.  This year, we’re averaging around 30 at each meeting.  That’s a big jump. 

My members come from all different majors and all different backgrounds.  We meet in a large classroom and try to plan out what all we would like to do for the rest of the year.  This year so far has been slow, but gradually we are putting the pieces together to build it into something great.   My 8 members from last year have all been upgraded to committee members who help me plan everything that needs done.  Between all the paperwork, red tape, and planning, it is a full-time job to be a club president.

For this year, we are planning on doing advocacy tables monthly, going to a shelter or other animal attraction at least once a month, and hopefully helping out with some different shelter events.  I’m trying to ease my members into the scary world of reptiles and birds and expose them to more exotics.  Most of these kids have only had cats or dogs in their lives!  We’re also starting to work towards endangered species instead of just pet type animals.  It’s a slow but steady process trying to plan everything.  However, hopefully soon the AWC will grow into something great!  And from now on, I have to remember to post about it!  It’s definately a big part of my path to become a vet!


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