The Statistics of My Life

As a blogger, I have the right to a captive audience.  Therefore, as a blogger, I have the right to whine.  Today, I feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of pressure I have on myself.  I’m also taking a stats class, so I started wondering about the probability of finding someone who is anything like me.  So, today I’m making an equation out of my life.  Its probably not going to be very accurate (math isn’t my strong point!) but it will be enlightening all the same.

So, as I’m sure you already know, I am a biology pre-veterinary major.  That right there throws an enormous amount of pressure on a person.  Everyday, every grade directly effects what happens for the rest of your life.  One wrong move and you have no future.  Sometimes, I think of myself and I just want to laugh.  There are plenty of people who would just be happy going to school, even a community college.  There are people who would just like to go to Duquesne.  There are people who would just be happy to get a college degree.  There are people who would be happy to just pass a class.  And there are people who would be happy to just pass a test.  And here I am exhausting myself over every little tiny detail, every point, and breaking down when I am not veritably perfect.

Its hard. 

Everyday I face the very real possibilty that I may never become a vet.  I also have everyone expecting veritable perfection out of me, so when I fail, I not only am screwing myself, but I am dissappointing everyone close to me.  And in all actuality, I am not at all “enjoying” the college experience.  I enjoy learning, and I enjoy growing and marking off things in my planner or off my to do list, but I essentially have no life.  I don’t go out, I don’t do anything, I take no time for myself, and I spend the majority of my college experience in a majorly stressed out state.

Anyways, for the statistics part:

  • Percentage of white americans that graduate from high school: 94.8% or .948
  • Percentage of high school graduates who attend college: 68.1% or .681
  • Percentage of first in family college students at Duquesne University: 47.0% or .470
  • Percentage of students who pay their own way through college: 42% or .42 (keep in mind, this includes community college figures.  I highly doubt there are this many Duquesne students doing this)

Right now, I can’t find the statistics for how many people want to go to vet school, how many people got into vet school, or what percent is now a practiciting vet.  But currently, my statistical number is .1277.  There is a 12% chance of finding someone as crazy as me with just those figures.  I’m sure factoring in vet school and starting a club and working multiple jobs and so on and so forth would drop that even lower.

But, I have to get back to my tortur. . I mean work.






2 responses

  1. Great blog! College can be very difficult especially if you are a perfectionist and you need to accomplish x before you even have a chance of reaching y. Even though I didn’t follow my dream to work with animals, I went to school for finance and accounting and had a similar experience. To get a job in the industry you had to have perfect grades. To get into a good grad school you had to have perfect grades. To do anything, you had to be perfect. Just keep up the hard work and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will be over someday and you will be a vet (unless you decide that you don’t want to be). There will always be stressors in life and it’s just important to find a balance. Have a great day!


    • Aww thanks! I’m really hoping it all just goes according to plan! Its frustrating to always be expected to be perfect when everyone else can goof off. I’m just hoping its all worth it in the end!

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