My New Media Production Project

So, this semester I am taking a course called New Media Production.  As a bio major, I don’t usually take courses that have me staring at a computer all class.  However, I needed an art credit and I blatently refused to take History of Art or Enjoyment of Music.  So, I opted for the more hands on option. 

I must admit, I’m pretty excited about it.  I get to play with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and learn how to make cool logos and brochures.  And although I rarely time for it, I do genuinely enjoy making things on the computer. 

Part of my project is to have a wordpress blog.  Check.  The upside of this is I am forced to write thoughout my fall semester in college.  Which can at times, be a feat for me when I’m not motivated.  I get so busy that its hard to really rationalize spending time writing something that isn’t going to get me any credit.  However, now its actually worth something!  The downside is, Lance isn’t allowed to post anything until the semester is over.  Which, he probably wouldn’t have anyways.  We’re both currently taking 18 credits and there is little time to breath, let alone post.  So, I will have to be the scribe to whats going on in both of our acedemic lives.

Within the last two weeks, we’ve both adjusted to our class schedules and settled into a routine.  We eat lunch and dinner together each day, but still spend most of our homework time seperate.  Its so strange after spending 2 years seeing each other once a week to be with each other everyday, but its really nice at the same time!  I no longer have to block out 2 hours a night to talk to him on the phone, which opens up a ton more homework time.  We have also joined the ecology club, evergreen (the enviromental club), tri beta, and Faith Alive, a christian youth group.  And, my Animal Welfare Club went from having 10 interested people to 110 interested people!  Yikes!  All in all, the year is off to a great start, and I feel so much happier to be here than I did last year.


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