Happy Birthday iFeathers!

A year ago today, iFeathers was born and began making its first mark on cyber space.  And what a year it has been! 

In the last year, we have made 43 posts.  Between 2 of us and 365 days in a year, that’s  pathetic.  So, we’re going to try to make the next year even better, and at least double that number.  However, over the last month or two, we’ve both been doing a lot to post more frequently and come up with new things to write about.  And I can at least say that it has gotten easier with time.

Some other big milestones for us: we’ve gone from averaging in 0-2 views per day to averaging in 3-7 views per day.  wooo!  We’ve even hit big numbers like 19 and 20 views a day!  Which, from 0, that’s a big number. 

We’ve had 415 views in our lifetime (our own views don’t count), 4 views so far today, and have 3 active subscribers!  We’ve also gotten a lot of views on our ‘strange’ posts, such as our tattoos and furries, thanks to google!

In the last year, I have attended and completed my first year at Duquesne University.  I went through 2 roommates, realized how shallow and mean girls could be, and had my eyes open that life isn’t easy.  I learned to salsa dance, started an animal welfare club on campus, and put in over 50 hours of shadowing with veterinarians.  I started a new job as a vet tech, learned to work two jobs, and made many, many new friends.  I went white water rafting, learned how to live off of $100 every other week, and realized brand name prices were out of my reach and overrated (at least for now).  I got a second tattoo, grew my hair out, and got my first credit card.

Lance has graduated from high school and been accepted into Duquesne’s biology and environmental science program.  He has tested out of first year biology and has been allowed to advance to the more difficult sciences.  He turned 18 and registered to vote. He has advanced into the night stock position and learned to work more hours than ever before.  He has learned what the true meaning of ‘friend’ is, what happens when you bite off more than you can chew, and how to handle and manage his finances.  He grew a goatee and got his first tattoo.  He became financially responsible for himself in many ways, and truly grew up over the last year.  (I couldn’t be prouder or love him more).

Its been a busy year.  A hard year in many ways, but its been great too.  Theres been times where I’ve wanted to shut this whole blog down, and there’s been times that I’m so glad I started.  It’s been a rollercoaster.  But all in all, I’m so pleased with the progress we’ve both made, in our lives, with our birds, and with this blog.  And I’m so glad to see more and more people are reading and enjoying what we have to say.

Thank you, readers, for keeping me motivated enough to continue posting, and for giving me the opportunity to have a blog family to share it with!   Heres to a new year, and see what we can make of it!

Happy birthday iFeathers!


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