The Benefits of Friends with Birds

Let’s be realistic.  People who own birds are predominantly a little crazy.  Bird lovers spend ridiculously large sums of money to purchase and care for an animal that is loud, messy, destructive, and in some species, has the ability to send you to the hospital.  They give up their non stick cookware, strong scented cleaners, in exchange for an animal that may choose to adore their bratty teenage kid instead of them.  And then after they have compromised their lifestyle to fit their birds needs, they are still met with comments from non bird friends, asking why they care so much when it is ‘just a bird’. 

At least we can all breathe easy and know we are not alone.

Aside from providing the support to know we aren’t crazy, our bird crazy friends can also benefit us in other ways.  Here are some new things to think about the next time you get coffee with the owner of the macaw or the lovebird breeder.

  • bird socialization
  • combining orders from online for free shipping
  • brainstorming for bird solutions
  • bird outings and playdates
  • reviews for bird products/vets/groomers/stores/toys
  • swapping different magazines and books
  • mutual bird sitting
  • bird shopping buddy.  Who else wants to spend a day at petco examining different perches?
  • But mostly, just to have someone who understands the frustration when your bird chews your baseboards, and your joy when he masters a trick

I have been truely blessed with having not only a boyfriend that loves birds as much as I do, but a friend who does as well!   My friend Meg owns two beautiful birds, a ringneck named Tiki and a cockatiel named Harley, posts bird related links on my facebook wall, and doesn’t mind discussing the pros and cons of different brands of pellets.  Sounds like a bird friend out for my heart.  She was also iFeathers very first follower, and in some ways, are responsible for getting us through our first year of blogging.  Its a lot easier to write consistantly when you know someone actually cares about it 🙂 

Just the other day we went on a bird outing to buy pellets with Bella and Harley.  We stopped at Panaras to eat dinner, as Panaras is one of the few places that offers outdoor seating so pet people can dine with their pets.  We take turns going in to order, one of us bird sitting and the other getting food.  After going in to get my food, I came out to Bella straining in her harness, begging to be picked up, and screaming.  We had a small group of people congregating around our table drawn by our interesting choice in pets and Bella’s excessive screams, and Meg was explaining to everyone that she wasn’t dying, just upset that her mother walked into the store without her.  How many of your other, non bird owning friends would be cool with that?

So, if you don’t have any bird friends, consider joining a bird club, a message board, or just asking people if they have parrots.  Its really a great thing!


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