The Dollar Store: The Ultimate House of Bird Toys

Today Lance and I decided to go around to some of the local dollar stores and see what we could find to make our own bird toys.  With Bella being an avid shredder and Jules easily figuring out toys, Erin being a plucker and Taylor being afraid or uninterested in most toys, our toy bill can be astranomical.  Early on, I started trying to copy some of the more common toy designs and build them myself or design my own toys, particularly for the handicapped birds to help alleviate large bills.  I’d read online that a lot of other toy builders go to dollar stores to find good bird building materials, so we figured it was worth a shot.  We went to two different dollar stores and this is what we found:

Dollar stores are the ultimate bird toy store!

All of those awkward little pieces that you’d never know where you can go can be found at the local dollar store for pennies.  Plus, there is so much awkward things crammed into a dollar store, its hard to not get further inspiration for different toys just by looking around. 

Here is a list of everything we walked out with:

  • 1 crate for storing bird toy materials
  • 2 sleeves of cotton rounds (80 count each) for bird diaper liners
  • 1 sewing kit for threading bird toys
  • 1 2pk of ice cube tray for making frozen bird desserts
  • 1 rope loop dog pull toy
  • 3 packs of multiple colored tissue papers
  • 2 packs of solid color tissue paper
  • 3 packs of 12 wiffle golf balls
  • 1 pack of 4 large wiffle ball
  • 2 bags of pony beads
  • 1 pack of wooden beads
  • 1 pack of 200 count straws
  • 1 pack of 100 count paper cup cake liners
  • 2 spools of all natural twine
  • 4 bags of basket/bag shreds
  • 2 decks of playing cards
  • 1 150 count of coffee filters
  • 1 set 60 count kraft sticks

All this plus a bamboo butterfly net for Lance for $30!  Thats a lot of bird toys for the price of one, literally.  I’ve already gone through and started making toys.  So far, I’ve made 14 pinatas for Bella to shred out of old toliet paper rolls, news paper, and tissue paper.  I also recreated a rope swing that I bought for $16 for a dollar.  Its amazing what a little creativity and dollar store items can do lol.


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