My Fur-st Encounter with Furries

I, like any normal human being, have always had a secret desire to hob knob with a small sector of the population who refers to themselves as ‘Furries’.  And what better time and place to fulfill this secret wish than to be in Pittsburgh while Anthrocon is in full swing!

So, today inbetween my 2 hour long lecture class and studying for my test tomorrow, my friends and I decided to walk down to the Convention Center to have our first experience with Furries. 

If you actually are a normal person, and not a total weird-o like me, you are probably wondering what a Furry even is.  And although I am not a part of the Furry nation, I atleast know a little bit about them.  Furries are fans of anthropromorphic animals, animals with human characteristics.  It is a type of role playing where the person takes on a ‘fur-sona’ and makes a character (an animal) that they act as.  Really, essentially the same thing as cosplaying for anime fans.  They dress up in animal costumes.  The detail of the costume is really up to the individual.  We saw a great many people walking around with nothing animal like on but ears and a tail, but we also saw people dressed in their full ‘fur suits’, which is essentially the same thing as what the team mascot would wear, or the Pirate Parrot. 

The term ‘Furry’ is often looked at in a negative light because there are a small minority of the furry nation that take the whole thing and make it a little creepy.  Such as furry porn, peeing in litter boxes, and crazy free love furry sex parties (all doggy style I’m sure 😉 However, these individuals are, to my knowledge atleast, far and few inbetween.  The Furries we met today were friendly and outgoing, eager to take pictures with us and just seemed like they wanted to have a good time. 

We walked into the lobby of the Westen Hotel and we were immediately surrounded by Furries.  Every shape, size, species, color.  Furries, everywhere!  It was a little overwhelming at first, as we were all Furry virgins.  However, the longer we stayed, the more we felt comfortable and the more fun we saw in it.  The Furries were all playful and silly, and as they arn’t allowed to speak while in their fur suits, they are terrific pantominers.  You could watch their conversations with each other from the top floor and know exactly what they were saying. Also, I’m sure half of the fun of being a Furry is getting the reactions out of the unfurry people.  For example, the Westen is a nice, fancy hotel that a lot of business men travel to.  As we were looking over the crowd with Furries everywhere one business man came up to us.  “Excuse me” he said. ” But, do you know why there are all these people dressed, as. . .animals?” His total confusion was priceless.  We explained that the Furry Convention was going on, and a little bit about what it was, but he didn’t seem to appreciate it very much. 

Anyways, we had a good time and we didn’t even pay to go in.  Just hanging around the hotel was awesome.  And I’m sure they had a good time.  Its easy to see that this is the equivalent of what my Renissance Festival is to me. 

Pittsburgh hosts the worlds biggest Furry convention, which has artists, comic writers, and puppetters as well as the costumed Furries. 

Although they were great ambassators for the Furry community, you won’t catch me donning my fur suit quite yet.  However, I’ll probably make it a point to go down and chill with the Furries again next year!


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