Wow, what is this? He is writing!!!

Hi all

Wow, its been along time. I guess the right thing to do is write an apology to ever one. I’m sorry, Ive had a rough year, but I’m back and better then ever.

Now I know Hannah at least posted once to tell you a little about what I have been up to and I will get you updated on the in another post soon, but today I wanted to explain my view on animals a little so when I start writing you will know where I’m coming from. Some day I plan to work as a researcher for a zoo or conservation society. What this generally means is I try to do things in a more natural way, and stress things that are not quite as important to some people, like natural instinct. I always stress habitat (notice i didn’t call it a cage) design, diet, and quality of life. I think even if an animal is kept as a pet it should have the chance to live a “normal”  life.

I plan to be writing more now, and I hope to answer any of your questions about my opinions. Talk to you soon.  


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