Graduation Time!

So, yesterday Lance finally graduated from high school!  It was a day I think we were both waiting for a long time.  He is finally ready to embark on his journey to become a conservation biologist and I am no longer waiting for him to be a big boy. 

Its been a long, hard two years of me being at college and him being at high school.  We’ve been through a lot of issues with being at different sections of our lives.  He’s been in school when I’m not, I’m in class when he’s not, he still had parental control over him while I’ve been doing my own thing, and the 45 minute ride of separation hasn’t helped us any either.  Thats not even taking into account all our different activities and work schedules.  How we got through it, I don’t even know at this point.

But, it’s all over.  It’s finally over.  No more high school, no more marching band, no more high school drama or fake friendships, and no more parents!  Now our lives will be filled with biology, biology, and more biology, eating dinner together, going to the club or salsa dancing on weekends, and still battling work schedules.  But in one night, it’s all gotten so much easier.  Now we have things to think about like getting cars, getting an apartment, and getting student loans.  Much less scary that the idea of not getting to see each other.

Lance, of course, got accepted into the honors biology program at Duquesne.  I’m pretty sure he needed something like that, because everyone treating him like he’s just as mindless as the others taking a normal class would have destroyed him.

And the birds, well, Jules is going to come live at my house with my family while we are away.  Erin is going to come to college with me, which is totally breaking the rules, but is totally necessary to help her plucking.  Hopefully next summer we can find a nice house to rent and they can all come with us as well 🙂


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