The Start to My Shadowing!

I finally got in touch with a vet close to me who has allowed me to come and shadow them.  Currently, I have spent 15 hours shadowing Dr. William Hope from Hope Veterinary Hospital in West Newton.  And so far, it has been an amazing experience! 

Going into a veterinary clinic is a little like walking into a four way highway.  People are walking everywhere and you are constantly in someones way.  As a shadow, you have no idea where to stand, no idea where to go, you have no job to do, and you feel a bit useless.  And you want to see what is going on, but at the same time you don’t want to piss anyone off.   Quite a perdicament. 

Thus far, I have gotten very used to flattening myself in a corner and staying out of the way.  And in return, I have seen and experienced so many great things already.

One of the things I was most dreading, euthinazation, I have seen and lived to tell the tale.  I have seen a dead dog and lived through it.  And I have witnessed a dissection and not puked.  I think I’m on the right track, lol. 

There hasn’t been too much overly exciting.  A blocked cat, lots of shots, puppies getting their tails docked, and lots of stool samples!  Sometimes, they let me look at the eggs in the microscope, and yesterday I got to take a cats temperature!  Moving up in the world!

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any pictures yet.  I’m working on it so I can show you guys!


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