When It Rains, It Pours

Taylors Swollen Crop

 Taylor has been hanging at the bottom of his cage lately.  I figured it was because I put some new perches in his cage and usually Taylor retreats to the bottom to hiss at them and hate them until he gets used to them.  Today I noticed that he wasnt eating very much and most of his pellets from last night were untouched.  I pulled him out of the cage and discovered that his crop was extremely swollen, almost as if it hasn’t drained.  When you touch it, it feels like the crop is filled with air and if you push hard enough, it causes him to throw up whatever is in his crop.

This happened once before, but it seemed to fix itself within a few days. 

So, tomorrow I’ll be making an appointment to take Taylor to the vet.  I’m hoping to get him in Tuesday morning.  I’m not exceptionally scared for his life, as this did happen before, and he seems to be fine otherwise.  He was eating some seed right before I pulled him out to put him in the hospital box, and he’s now sitting quite smugly in his little box.

Taylor loves my hospital box treatment.  A small Rubbermaid container with holes filled with a deep layer of fluffy carefresh.  The whole box is placed so half is on a heating mat, and pellets and seeds are both offered around the clock as well as herbs and millet.  And hospital birds are on at least a half dose treatment of marvel aid to start with, if not a full dose.   I also check them much more frequently and monitor them more closely than they do when in a cage.

When Taylor gets put in the hospital box, he immediately snuggles down in the carefresh and promptly goes to sleep.  There is no hissing or bitching or biting as he often does in the cage.  It’s like offering him a hotel room.  So, needless to say, he is enjoying himself right now.

Taylors problem with his crop could easily be linked to having his handicap.  He could have other internal problems that we don’t know about.  However, with such a lack in knowledge of avian medicine in my area, at least to whom I’ve found, I cannot seem to find anyone who knows how to fix him.  I’m going to make an appointment at Northview Veterinarian Hospital, which was recommended to me by a blog reader 🙂  Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, it looks like Erin’s appointment is going to have to wait.  I don’t have enough money to take two birds right now, and while feather picking may be ugly and destructive to the bird, it isn’t at the moment, life threatening.  Taylors condition, however, may be.  Plus, Erin’s condition has been improving dramatically with my headstrong and aggressive approach to her picking.  Her vest has been allowing her feathers on the center of her chest to grow back, and I’ve been using Cease under her wings and keeping her out of the cage for long periods of time.  Her number of pin feathers has doubled since I’ve been home and under one wing is almost fully feathered.  The other one is still a problem, but with all the time she’s been out of the cage she’s been doing better with it. 

Taylor is currently sitting very happily in the hospital box chewing on some bedding with his crown high in the air and looking rather content.  I’m hoping as before, this isn’t anything life threatening.  However, I’m also almost hoping that Tay is still showing symptoms when I take him, because it does me no good to take a bird who looks perfectly healthy and then everyone thinks I’m making stuff up.  Through my research, I haven’t found much about a swollen or slow empty crop in adult birds.  However, I have added oregano and thyme to Taylors food mix, which is supposed to boost the immune system and have anti diarrhea properties. 

Taylor, content in his hospital box


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