Duquesne During the Winter

I don’t know if I’ve actually felt cold before, now that I am wintering here at Duquesne.  Duquesne is on a bluff, so it’s windy, its frigid, and it gets down right nasty.  Today, I am going to be explaining just what I go through every morning here to further my education.

First, I layer on a hoodie, coat, gloves, scarf, and hat before trudging down 6 flights of steps to face the outdoors.  As soon as you hit the doors, the cold hits you like a brick wall.  Its not just chilly, its not just cold, its the kind of bone that chills you down to the marrow of your bones.

So, I start walking.  Depending on where I need to get to determains how cold I actually get by the end of it.  Either A.) a vicious chill that won’t leave my body or B.) frozon solid.  The wind whips down A walk, tangling your hair, trying to pull your coat off, and blowing down the front of your shirt.

If its snowing at the time, its twice as bad.  The snow hits your face and feels like little daggers. 

The wind chases you into whatever building you are going to.  It follows you right through the door.

I know the perks of the bluff.  In the summer, the breeze cools down Duquesne and makes it much nicer than the rest of Pittsburgh.

Too bad I go to school predominately in the winter.


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