Once Upon a Time

I’ve decided today is going to be story time.  Although I was in the process of writing a riveting post about how my bio II class went today, I decided instead to enthrall you all in a love story.  The story of how Lance and I met 🙂

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was  a princess.  She decided she was going to be in her school musical, as she had every year since she began high school.  So, she auditioned, got a part, and began attending musical practices regularly.  There was also a prince.  He also decided to join his school musical, and although it was his first one, he too auditioned, got a part, and began attending practices regularly.  You would think that it would be easy for these two to meet up and live happily ever after, but the problem was, neither realized they were a prince or a princess.  The prince thought he was a geeky, scrawny nerd that didn’t stand a shot with the princess.  And the princess thought she was ugly and unwanted and that no one would ever love her.  However, because the musical cast was small and the practices were long, they soon became good friends.  One day, the prince couldn’t stand keeping his secret from the princess anymore, and he confessed to her that he loved her.  The princess, being a silly girl, was creeped out and didn’t want to admit her true feelings for the prince.  She hide behind the excuse of being confused and not know what she wanted for two weeks.  However, the prince was a patient prince and he waited with her, gently reminding her what a wonderful friend he was.  Finally, the prince decided to take the princess out to a movie, where she couldn’t wait any longer and yelled ‘are you ever going to ask me out?!’  The prince immediately asked her out and the two kissed awkwardly and lived happily ever after.  The end.


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