Duquesne During the Winter

I don’t know if I’ve actually felt cold before, now that I am wintering here at Duquesne.  Duquesne is on a bluff, so it’s windy, its frigid, and it gets down right nasty.  Today, I am going to be explaining just what I go through every morning here to further my education.

First, I layer on a hoodie, coat, gloves, scarf, and hat before trudging down 6 flights of steps to face the outdoors.  As soon as you hit the doors, the cold hits you like a brick wall.  Its not just chilly, its not just cold, its the kind of bone that chills you down to the marrow of your bones.

So, I start walking.  Depending on where I need to get to determains how cold I actually get by the end of it.  Either A.) a vicious chill that won’t leave my body or B.) frozon solid.  The wind whips down A walk, tangling your hair, trying to pull your coat off, and blowing down the front of your shirt.

If its snowing at the time, its twice as bad.  The snow hits your face and feels like little daggers. 

The wind chases you into whatever building you are going to.  It follows you right through the door.

I know the perks of the bluff.  In the summer, the breeze cools down Duquesne and makes it much nicer than the rest of Pittsburgh.

Too bad I go to school predominately in the winter.


Once Upon a Time

I’ve decided today is going to be story time.  Although I was in the process of writing a riveting post about how my bio II class went today, I decided instead to enthrall you all in a love story.  The story of how Lance and I met 🙂

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was  a princess.  She decided she was going to be in her school musical, as she had every year since she began high school.  So, she auditioned, got a part, and began attending musical practices regularly.  There was also a prince.  He also decided to join his school musical, and although it was his first one, he too auditioned, got a part, and began attending practices regularly.  You would think that it would be easy for these two to meet up and live happily ever after, but the problem was, neither realized they were a prince or a princess.  The prince thought he was a geeky, scrawny nerd that didn’t stand a shot with the princess.  And the princess thought she was ugly and unwanted and that no one would ever love her.  However, because the musical cast was small and the practices were long, they soon became good friends.  One day, the prince couldn’t stand keeping his secret from the princess anymore, and he confessed to her that he loved her.  The princess, being a silly girl, was creeped out and didn’t want to admit her true feelings for the prince.  She hide behind the excuse of being confused and not know what she wanted for two weeks.  However, the prince was a patient prince and he waited with her, gently reminding her what a wonderful friend he was.  Finally, the prince decided to take the princess out to a movie, where she couldn’t wait any longer and yelled ‘are you ever going to ask me out?!’  The prince immediately asked her out and the two kissed awkwardly and lived happily ever after.  The end.

And Let the Games Begin!

The spring semester has now officially started!  Can’t you just feel my joy? 

On todays schedule was English and Chemistry II.  I would also normally have chem lab, but labs don’t start till next week so I gained a small reprieve. 

 Today went like most first days go.  You walk into a room, sit down awkwardly next to some Joe Schmo that looks sorta friendly, get the syllabus, listen to the professors tell you exactly what the last few professors told you, yadda yadda yadda.

If you can’t tell, being back at school brings out a very negative light to me.  I’m really not that mean of a person, honestly.  Sometimes, I even like Joe Schmo by the end of the semester.  However, college = stress.   Which = negativity.  And boy, I can feel the pressure already. 

You see, I’m not exactly like every other college student out there.  As pathetic as it sounds, I live, eat, breath, and function while at school to get A’s.  I am not here for the social life.  I am not here for the fun (although I do have some occasionally!).  I am here for my education.  I am here to get into vet school.  And this attitude I have adopted puts me very much so apart from my freshman peers.  Many of them have said they were coming to college to make friends and to have great memories.  I have always said that while friends were not on the front of my mind, if I made some along the way I would be quite pleased with that.  However, I am not shucking out $40,000 to make friends. 

I have already finished every stitch of homework those teachers gave me for the first day.  I have successfully read and created a study sheet on all of Chapter 10 in chemistry, recopied my chem notes, read the first chapter in english, written my reading journal on it, and have contacted my lab employers about continuing work for this semester.  And at only 9:19 the night is young! 

In all honesty, I guess I get a little obsessive about school work.  It makes me into a not so nice person sometimes.  However, with vet school as my destination and no back up plan, I kinda have to be that way.

I feel like the longer I do the whole college thing, the better I’ll be at balancing.  And staying ahead.  And doing more than just getting by.  And I feel like once Lance is here, he will drag me away from my books and make me have fun once in a while.  And, in turn, I will shackle him to his desk and make him study once in a while.  I feel like it will be a good trade. 

Whats worse?  Too much fun and too little work, or too much work and too little fun?  Is it worth risking your future career path for some fun now, or is it better to be a little more conservative now and have a future you know you are going to love? 

Its a New Year!

It’s a new year!  And like everyone else, I have to make some new years resolutions too.

  1. get to the gym more often
  2. stop stressing over  things like mad
  3. (most important) start writing in this blog more!

I’ve let a whole semester go by without documenting any of it.  I’m a total waste of cyber life.  So, I’m going to start breaking that habit and I’m going to start writing much more regularly everyday if I can!  If I have to write it down in my planner next to my homework I will. 

I’m going to do a brief catch up post, so that in my mind, I can organize where I have been over the last few months and know how to start writing.  And there is not a huge sense that I am missing important details. 

obviously, I am still attending Duquesne University.  I am still studying prevet/biology.  I still work in the biology labs.  Over Christmas break, I also went back to the pet store that I worked in while attending community college, and over the summer I will also return there.  Lance and I are still together, of course.  I still have all four of my birds, and he still ha Jules.  Bella still looks like a little tyrannosaurus rex and growls like a werewolf.  However, that’s about where the similarities stop.

I have now moved rooms.  Instead of living on the 5th floor, I live on the 6th floor.  My old roommate was a total piece of shit, and a waste of life.  She had not intentions on growing up or becoming serious about school.  For her, life was just a big party.  Someday, I hope she drinks herself into a coma.  Ok, that’s really mean.  But honestly, the drama I had to endure, no adult should have to.  I felt like I was back in middle school, where clicky girls tell lies to ruin people’s lives and everyone else hides in the shadows hoping to escape their lashing tounges.  It was bad.  It’s such a shame I didn’t write about it, because honestly, my life was like a bad soap opera and it could have been quite humorous.  Not to mention she was roughly the size of a baby killer whale and ate nothing but mac and cheese and pepperoni rolls.  And farted in her sleep all night.  Disgusting.

Finals were hell.  I was in the process of moving rooms, getting ready to go home for break, and trying to study for absolutely killer finals all at the same time.  It was the worst.  I’m hoping now that I have a semester under my wing I can actually attempt to better than I did last semester.  I’m very close to not being accepted into any vet schools in the country and I have only completed one semester.  I don’t really know what my GPA is, because I constantly have a hold on my account because Duquesne is such a money grubby, greedy school, but it’s probably around a 3.7 -3.8?  I’m guessing?  

Money has been another huge issue these last few months.  I have to take out extra personal loans for Duquesne, because they aren’t giving me enough financial aid money.  And because I do not understand the entire financial aid thing, and how schools work with this, they are being total douche bags about it.  

I would not recommend Duquesne to anyone whose daddy wasnt completely footing the bill.  They do not help you with anything, give you no second chances, and essentially would rather have you go prostitute yourself out on Grant Street than help you get enough money or time to register for classes.  In essence, they don’t care.  They claim to be a Catholic college, but boy are they corrupt.  Unless you are very financially wealthy and can afford $40,000 or better per year, please avoid this university.  I am already so in debt, I feel like I have made the biggest mistake of my life.

I’m aiming to get an internship this summer, either at the aviary or a wild animal rehabilitation center.  Lance is as well.

I still have my club.  I still walk dogs on Fridays.

Christmas came and went.  I’m even more in debt than I was before.  But, I got diamonds from my man 🙂

I’m moving back to Duquesne tonight.  I can’t say I’m excited.  Actually, I’m kinda dreading it.  I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to be stressed and have to work all the time and never have fun.  I want to go back to being a kindergartener. 

Thats about it.  I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about after I go through my first day of classes tomorrow!