DU Animal Welfare Club visits the national aviary!

The first public outing my club went to was one of my favorite places: the aviary! 

When I first brought up the idea of visiting the aviary, I got a lot of mixed emotion.  Mostly it was like. . .ehhh birdsss. . . . . . . Luckily, I knew that the aviary, while it IS all birds, has the best mix of hands on activities to make your ehhh birdsssss into YAY BIRDSSSS!

So, our bus never came.  I made everyone walk there. 

We finally got there, and everyone started to see it my way. 

Everything about the aviary is wonderful.  The birds are wonderful, the trainers are wonderful, the activities are wonderful.  All of our members got to participate in a hands on feeding activity.  And most left the avairy wanting their own bird lol. 

It makes me totally excited for Lance’s future!