Long Time, No Write

Ewww. . . Its been a long time since I’ve wrote.  I hate when I get off track and stop writing for a long time.  But in reality, my time is super precious and I haven’t had very much of it.  I’m going to try harder, blog, but I can’t be promising anything.

A lot of great stuff has happened.  First, and probably most importantly, I have started a club!  Its an Animal Welfare Club, and we do great things like visit animal shelters, zoos, aviaries, and host fundraisers benifiting animal rescues.  Starting this club has been an emotional and stressful process.  I have never really taken the inititive to do something like this before.  However, it seemed like a good thing to do.  Duquesne has nothing regarding animals, I miss my pets so I’m sure a butt load of other people miss theirs, and it seemed like it would be a great thing to put on a resume to a vet school.  “Founder and President for 4 years of the DU Animal Welfare Club”.  Yep, it has a great ring to it 🙂 

If I have been busy, Lance has only been busier.  I explained before how the smarty bit off more than he could chew his senior year at school, but hes doing well all the same.  Hopefully, he’ll be back on board pretty soon too. 

Our birds are all doing well.  I went home a few weekends ago and made a startling discovery.  My birds are not being handled enough!  They are turning feral!  Everyone was biting and nipping and running!  They still loved to have their heads pet, and pushed their little heads against your hand to pet them, but they are not getting out enough.  I believe next time I go home, I need to buy everyone a bunch of new toys so they don’t start getting worse.  I’d just think, that with 5 people in that house, one of them could take the inititive to take the birds out pretty often. 

I’ve decided that Erin will be attending college with me next year.  I am going to try to become an RA, and if I cannot become an RA, I have a friend who has two parakeets of her own whom she misses dearly.  Erin is so quiet, no one would ever know she was there.  And she would probably love being down here, where she can be out for the majority of the day. 

I’m already so looking forward to the day when Lance and I can get a pet friendly apartment or rent a small house that allows animals.  I cant wait to have my birds back with me. 

And I really can’t wait to grow up and move out to wyoming, and have our farm!