Dog Walking!

So, I started volunteering at the local Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh.  Its one bus ride away from me, so its easy to get to, and its a good thing to get involved with.  I didn’t realize exactly to what degree I was going to miss having pets around, so its nice to go get involved with these other dogs. 

I finished my dog walking training yesterday.  It was a long time talking about a lot of things that anyone with a dog would know.  They also went over the techniques the shelter uses in training dogs, because every place does things a little differently.  And then we got to go walk a dog! 

My friend Ella and I volunteer at the shelter together, so we picked two dogs who were housed together.  They were dalmation mixes, but they looked more like pit bulls than anything else to me.  Most of the dogs in the shelter are pit bulls, which is sad.  They’re really not bad dogs.  And it’s a shame that theres such an influx of them when so many people give them a bad stigma.  Please, everyone, get your dog spayed and neutered.  If you don’t, you’re really just contributing to the ever growing problem and more and more dogs are going to find themselves in a shelter.

Anyways, we chose these two sister dogs, Angel and Eva.  Both dogs were all white, and Eva had a lot more black spot on her.  Angel, the dog I took, was actually deaf, so it was kind of cool that I had to find alternative ways to communicate with her other than speaking.  We took them out to the dog run and they raced around and chased balls and played.  We chased them and snuggled them and they loved us right back.  We worked a little on their obiedence and practiced sitting and a little laying.  Then, we took them for a little walk up the road and came back and had to turn them back over.  It was already closing time for the shelter.  Hopefully, the next time we go, we can play with some dogs a little longer and not feel rushed!

It makes me really want a dog.  I just want to grow up so I can have all the animals I’ve always dreamed of having.  I’ll rescue all the shelter dogs! 

Ella and I talked about how we would like to get an apartment instead of living on campus.  She can do it, though, because she has a car and much more money than I do.  I, however, would have no way of getting to school and it would be much simpler to stay on campus.  Simpler, but lonelier 😦

Maybe when Lance gets a little older and is in school, we can get an aparment together and get a dog!


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