Whyyy Are You Here?

Alright, while we are waiting for Lance to get his butt into gear and write a post, I’ll dominate the board with the pretty pink and write another about college. 

I don’t know why some of the people that are at Duquesne are here.  Honestly.  Me, personally, I am here to get an education.  I am here to get into vet school.  I am here so that someday, me and Lance can live the very alternative yet extravagant lifestyle that we have dreamt up in our heads over hours upon hours of phone conversation.  I am here to make connections, network, and make some friends.  But above all, I am here to ultimately become an exotic and avian veterinarian. 

There are many people here who do not seem to have the same sense of direction I house.  Many people who, on the night before classes were scheduled to begin, were out in the halls, running around and screaming at the top of their lungs.  There are many people here who already have gotten drunk out of their brains, partied too hard, and have thrown up all over the dorms.  There are many people here who are here for all the wrong reasons. 

In the eight days I have been here, I have already networked with a professor who is a practicing veterinarian, got a job as a lab assistant on campus, got a jump on my already daunting pile of homework, and have already been above the game.  I have met a few people like me, who are ready for the challenge and are ready for their future.  However, I’ve also met a lot of people who havent cracked a book yet.  Guess what.  Theyre already behind, trying to play catch up. 

Lance has actually had to tell me to promise to take two nights to have fun instead of holing up in my room studying.  And I have had fun.  Ive eaten lunch and dinner with people, we’ve planned to have chinese food night, I’ve gone to the gym, and I’ve helped decorate peoples rooms.  However, I also know how to work.  College is not all about the social aspects. 

I think it bothers me to meet the people who are blowing their tuition away.  I know it shouldnt bother me, as thats less competition for me in the long run, but it does bother me.  I worked SO hard to get here.  I have to pay for it myself.  It bothers me that everyone using it as a party is wasting the many, many resources that are offered to them here. 

I can’t wait until Lance is down here.  If he decides to come down here.  I crave having someone who is like me, someone who knows me, and someone who will have my back when everyone else is against me.  Its very lonely without him. 

Well, maybe the partiers will laugh at me now, as I study my butt off and stress over grades, but I will laugh at them while I’m watching them work their butt off and stress over bills 🙂


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