Moving in to Duquesne!

I have finally taken my first big step on this journey to become a veterinarian.  On Tuesday, I moved into Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit!  Duquesne is a good choice for me because besides being nationally ranked in the top tier of the best universities to attend out of the whole nation, it is stratigically located in the heart of Pittsburgh, where I have easy access to internships and volunteer opportunities at the Aviary and the Pittsburgh Zoo, as well as the Pittsburgh Animal Rescue League and several animal hospitals.  I can hop a bus for virtually anything, walk to many places, and I love love love love the campus.  Class sizes are reported to be small and personal, and there are personal everywhere that are willing to help you with just about anything.  For example, as a pre medical/ biology track right now for undergraduate, I am required to meet twice a semester with a group provided just for pre med students to ensure I’m on the correct track to getting into vet school.  They also give you mock tests for the big graduate tests, help you locate volunteer and internship opportunities, and help you write a kick ass essay and build a resume to present to future schools.   If I’m going to get into vet school, Duquesne is whats going to get me there.

However, move in was a big change.  I’ve never really been away from home for really any significant amount of time.  And I’ve certainly never lived on my own amongst a ton of strangers.  I can’t even keep people’s faces straight here.  I love having strong relationships with people.  I like feeling comfortable with people.  I’m not one of those people that gets a spark outta meeting and small talking with many different people all the time.  I like bonds and closeness and comfort.  And here there are NONE of that.  So, its been a trying few days.  In all honestly, I can’t wait until Lance comes down here next year.  I feel like I’ll enjoy college a lot more when I have SOMEONE who knows the real me.  Knows how I tick.  Just someone when I see them at a lunch table, I don’t get the knot in my stumach as I walk over to them, as I worry they might send me away.  I dont have to live in the same room as them.  Not even the same building.  Just the same campus and I would be ok. 

And I really miss my birds.  It’s far too quiet in this dorm room without them.  My little betta fish needs to learn how to say hello.

So, its been emotional.  But orientation has kept us so busy its hard to even get time to rest.  I go to be absolutely exhausted at night and wake up just about as tired.  Duquesne loves to feed you, so we’re constantly going to lunch or dinner or something, when I’m used to like, one meal a day and grazing the rest of the day. 

Its a new experience.  A very uncomfortable new experience.  I can’t wait to just become settled and just enjoy college.  Slowly but surely its getting there.


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